what i do

What I Do
I’m a marketing generalist, so my consulting projects come in a variety of flavors. I typically work with just one or two clients at a time on an intense project. When the project is completed, we part ways until my services are needed again. The most common themes for my projects are:

Acting VP of Marketing
I assume an operating role in your company on an interim basis until you find just the right Marketing VP candidate. I will devise a marketing strategy or review and hone the one you already have. I will put together a marketing plan, budget, timeline and staffing plan. I will help you hire your key agencies. I will represent the market to the rest of your organization. I’ll generally keep balls in the air and your marketing presence moving forward while you search for a permanent solution.

Company and Product Positioning
I’m probably best known for my skill in strategic communications. I can help your company articulate its key messages, key audiences and key communications vehicles.

Company and Product Launches
I mastermind launches designed to drive your overall corporate goals. I rarely create brochures, design android tv box uk tradeshow booths, or write press releases. I frequently devise a launch plan and then marshal all the resources needed to make it happen.

Business Plan Development
I can help you present your business concept and business model in the best possible light to the investment community. I frequently re-write executive summaries, and from time to time edit entire business plans.